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Muscular Women


"In my opinion no drug free woman can add enough muscle to ever look like anything other than an exquisitely healthy and well built woman under any circumstances. The more MUSCLE the better.

That translates into my further opinion that there is no FUNDAMENTAL difference between how they should train and how we train. I will also say that in the case of women a bit of blur over those muscles looks a lot better than being very very lean."

Tiribulus wrote this over in the T-cell and I thought it was refreshing to hear. I usually say something along these lines to people who tell me that if I lift too often/heavy I'm going to look like a man.

I'm just wondering what everyone in general thinks about this.

HH - more women in GAL!


I agree with Trib.

Too many women think they are going to wake up looking like Ronnie Coleman.

I love when I can see my muscles flex and seriously, how amazingly hot is Jelena in the link to FigureAthlete?


I have yet to see a woman who didn't look chemically enhanced who was "too big" in terms of muscle mass that it kept them from looking feminine. Sarina Williams is a good example of that.

Yes, women can take it too far once they start to look like men in drag...but lifting without anabolics does not usually induce that appearance.


Can it ever? Do women have the physiology to get to that point w/o any chemical assistance?


I'm sure there are many women athletes who take drugs, who do it safely and maybe not just steroids and well they look amazing.

The reason women lifting get a bad rap, is because they look at superheavyweight women bodybuilders, obviously most women do not want to look like that-and will never eat the amount of food and take the ammount of drugs to either-. Just like most men do not want to look like shw men bodybuilders.

I do agree with TC that women look a little better not super lean like a guy-under 10% bodyfat ext-


Yeah, I have plenty of friends who won't lift because they don't want to look like a man/they think they put on muscle too quickly.


I agree, extremely HOT!



I agree. I don't think drug free women can ever be "too big".

Hell, I'll take it a step further. I know a few women at my gym that are chemically enhanced and I still wouldn't say they are "too big".

There are extremes, of course, but I haven't seen anyone like that personally.


Some can. They would no doubt know this, however, long before they actually started training seriously due to the ease at which they gain muscle mass. No matter what population you speak of, there will always be those at polar ends of the spectrum.


OK, then. Which one is Janet Reno?


So it's just a few outliers, right? The typical woman would not get to that point?

I think shizen's got a point and everyone seems to be basing their opinion on women lifting on a few outliers, be it the chemically enhanced or naturally enhanced.

Edit - not everyone, the general population/ a surprising number of t-people. I've gotta watch those generalizations.


There are women who look very manly. They are born that way and may even pass for a guy if they got a short haircut. Those are the ones I am referring to. No, most women on the planet do not need to be concerned with this at all.


Given the difference in the hormone that helps create muscle, I can't see women becoming "masculine" in appearance anytime soon.

At least without the aid of some sort of external anabolic formula.

The stigma comes from fat women who rationalize being fat by saying "if I pickup weights, I'll end up looking like a man".

I believe this is exactly the same as the 110lb male who claims he doesn't want to look like Ronnie Coleman - as if he'll wake up like that tomorrow. That also gives insight as to why so many men on this site respect (and love) women who lift.

Devoid of mental weakness = Hot


My mothers friends are very concerned that I will become masculin looking from lifting heavy weights and I tell them it isn't possible, I don't have enough testosterone in my body to get huge.

It's like they have a mental block because they are still telling me to be careful. Same thing with some older gentlemen at my gym, one in particular gets very upset/disappointed when he sees me deadlift, like my ovaries might just fall out, lol.

pch2, I know you were asking X but from my medical knowledge it is pretty damn near impossible to to start looking like a man no matter how much lifting you do w/ out adding some sort of steroids.

Now there is the instance of being about to obtain a very low body fat combind w/ lifting heavy... sometimes that is not pretty... but there is also very few that can do that.


Ah, but those women look manly regardless of how much they try to pick up. It's not like they were transformed into manly looking women by lifting. I thought you were saying that could actually happen.


I constantly hear this from my mom, I just tell her to let me know when I start looking at all like a guy and I'll stop.


my ex boyfriend use to be soo mean he told me I look like guy and I needed to chill out and go do some cardio ONLY! well that was when i was 18...now im 21...haha and my new boyfriend supports it 100 percent,

I think the media and hollywood make women out to be fragile fucking twigs and its retarded, if I lift a weight and form a muscle despite how large or how small I may be its natural (assuming your not using chemical enhancement) its functional and like my new boyfriend says its hot that Im not some weak ass chick who cant for example help when we moved into our new apartment or hold my own in a bar fight lol... Im sure our cave ancestors were kick ass!

ooo yea and the worst...guys who dont want to get bulky, wtf!!!! its the new metro sexual thing and it makes me sick, my bf's friends say it almost daily when discussing the gym, seriously these thoughts re making our species weak! natural selection baby!!!



The one that obviously lifts weights.


Last month, I teached Moma how to squat and deadlift with sandbag. She sees all the good hard training as done to my body and she wants some for herself. She takes it seriously and at 52, she's stronger and firmer than she ever was.

Of course, at one point she had to tell me the usual "I don't want to get to big" BS!


I know I used that as an excuse before I ever started lifting.

But it was the fear of looking like some sort of freak.