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Muscular Unbalance

Since i came back to the gym two weeks ago i got an upper body muscular imbalance my left pec and the left side of my back are disproportionate so i add more volume to my left pec and left side of my back with single limb exercises single arm dumbell rows,single arms cable rows,single arms dumbell presses etc but always that i do pushups or any non single limb exercise i feel that my right side is working more than my left side and the unbalance feel comes back.

You probably shouldnt be hassling coach thib with a question like this, so next time put in the beginner forum. In regards to imbalances generally whatever hand you use for day to day things will be the stronger side. One method i have been using for a while now and got recommended by @kd13 is to use your weaker arm alot more. (Shopping/groceries, lifting weight plates onto the bar, picking things up etc) with your left side. In regards to single limb exercises dont just throw in 3 sets of single arm bench presses on one side. Use your weaker side first then aim for the same reps on your stronger side, that way it doesnt get worked harder then your weak side. Etc.

Not sure that was me duke, if I’m wrong I apologise but I’m not sure I gave out that advice!

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Pics or it didn’t happen. A lot of these imbalances are blown out of proportion. None of us are symmetrical.

Have you got strength imbalances as well?

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Oh sorry man! Il have a look though.

I struggle to remember last week though so I could be wrong!

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Couldnt find it after some extensive searching. Sorry for the pointless tag man.

No problem buddy. Didn’t mention in that thread that turned to shit show but the two pictures that got posted of you show you have made great progress. Keep it up buddy.

Sorry for thread hijack op.

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Thanks man, much appreciated!

No, i can lift the same poundage with each arm