Muscular Imbalances In Arms

I’ve been training close to a year now and since starting my left arm always was weaker than the right one.

Right now my right arm is 2cm (0.79 inches) bigger than my left one. Also the mind-muscle connection really sucks on the left side. Because of this weakness my traps, delts and lats have to do some of to work on the left side and they do …

I’d be very pleased if somebody knows a cure for my problem.

Thanks in advance stefan

A seemingly common problem.

Try one of these…

Train only as hard as your weak side allows until it catches up.

Do a couple of extra one sided sets with DB’s on the weaker side each time you train.

Wank with the other hand.

Come back in 8 weeks and let us know how you go on. :wink:

Thanks for the advice :wink:

I’m a little worried because 2 cm is a lot to catch up. I’ll add some extra work for the lagging side.

Anybody has an idea how to improve mind-muscle connection? This seems very important to me.

uhm i guess try to do the sets with as perfect form as possible, and as “consciously” as possible.

personally my left to right imbalances improved very quickly so im not sure what else to say. though i think my left arm is actually smaller in size than my right i think they lift the same.

just a few tips to add to the responses.

  1. use dumbells for the time being.
  2. always use the same weight and do the same reps for each arm no matter how easy it may be for right side.
  3. Always start w/ the weaker side/arm when doing unilateral exercises.

Thanks guys.

zooropa, I already used point 3. and 2. but would you even replace the barbell at the big movements (bench press, shoulder press, bend over rows)?

Thanks for the hint lordstrom, I’ll try to concentrate even more on the muscle.