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Muscular Imbalance

Is there a ratio between how much you can row vs. bench (or something of this sort) to get an idea whether or not you have an imbalance with internal rotation?

I read something very cool on this subject once. It was directed towards those who have interior, and posterior muscle imbalances. More specificly, chest, and back.

Their proposed solution: Complete a 1 rep max on the bench press, then get a bench to assist you up on the wide grip pullup bar.

Start with your chin above the bar, then lower yourself toward the floor, then back up again for 1 rep to mimic the movement of the bench press.

You need to add weight to yourself to equal the same weight that you lifted on the bench press of course.

Many people can push silly amounts of weight on the bench without being able to do a single lat pullup.

Building strong rear delts, and traps will really help bring your shoulders back as well.