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Muscular Home Artwork


So my fiance and I are looking for a painting or a photo (large) to put in the living space and I got the idea to have something up there that shows strength, human form, stuff that we all like here.

But I don't want pics of bodybuilders, or oiled up dudes on there. Something that shows a muscular human form and how badass it can be.

So far I've found a few that I like, what do you think?


http://www.redbubble.com/people/shredman/art/2602412-4-a-fighters-faith (favorite, if only in black and white)



I had to sorts through TONS of very homo pics on that redbubble site, wowzers.

Anyone got some better ideas?


1st one is cool, the rest are gay


Something like this could be nice, except you'd be wrestling the bull of course.


"That's me taking the bull by the horns. It's a metaphor. But that really happened."


How about pictures of classical sculptures... like the ones in Rome?
Or perhaps drawings by Michelangelo?
Or prints of Frazetta's heroic imagery?


I dig this one, http://killustrated.com/pisarenko.html




Just kidding..no really, that happened


I'd go with a painting over a photo. It's hard to find a photo of what you're looking for that doesn't look homoerotic, IMO.




This is timeless :wink:

Seriously though I do like #1. It should be an image of man in motion rather than a pose, my2c.


Ooooh, I like that one a lot. I guess photos are acceptable if it's a photo of a sculpture =P



You should also realize its a photograph expertly manipulated in Photoshop. If you didnt before.


Agreed. Has your wife seen any of your proposed ideas? I can't think she'd cosign on any of those.




I think the whole concept of putting up muscular dudes as artwork is....whack.....unless you are running a gym or a gay bath house.


What you talkin' about, man?


Got you covered...



Here's one of my favorites


MMMMmmmmmmmmm...... art.