muscular deveploment bs

Every once in awhile I look at muscular development to look at all of the freaks. Anyway, the most recent one had an interview with Greg Valantino. Well, I think that te retards at that publication are trying to mimic our very loved Testosterone mag., because they were trying to be hardcore by using a swear word at least three times in one question. Aside from this, they asked stupid shit, for example the interviewer asked Greg how big his dick was. The only questions that came remotely close to bodybuilding were the ones that concerned his opinion on who and what he likes. Have any of you picked up on this bullshit?

That mag has went through several stages. First, they were “normal”, like MuscleMag. Then they went “all natural” and starting condemning steroids and wouldn’t put roid monkeys in there. (Well, they put “light” users in there and not the known freaky pros.) Then they went to nothing but sports performance and made it look like Sports Illustrated for a while. That bombed quickly since most athletes don’t read about how to train. Then they went back to the bodybuilding look, then went “hardcore”, started talking about roids again and cussing a lot. It’s really pathetic. “Do three sets of ten for bench press” is now “Do three fuckin’ sets…” Wow, that’s hardcore. Oh yeah, and they seem to be targeting teens now too and filling the mag with cartoon porn. Kinda sad really. It wasn’t a bad mag a few years ago. It obviously has no true core philosophy. They just change their principals depending on sales I guess.

Yeah, it’s pretty pathetic. That having been said, I will admit it’s the only mag I pick up off the rack anymore; I just skip the bodybuilder interviews.

Who did the interview? (I didn’t see it.) It doesn’t sound like one by The Sandwich, but if it was, the question about dick size is one I think he asks every interviewee. It just usually gets cut by the editors.