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Muscular Dev. vs. Immune System

While ‘cruising the net’ this morning, I came across this little gem regarding Ryan Reynolds and his role in the new ‘Blade’ movie.
Quote"Reynolds went through a strenuous workout regime to play a muscular vampire killer and action hero in Blade Trinity, the third in the series of popular Wesley Snipes Blade action/horror films. But how did Morissette(poster’s note, Alanis Morissette is this fella’s fiancee) feel about his buff state?

“She liked it, yeah, yeah. It was a perk.”

But Reynolds said he couldn’t possibly retain the muscle he added to his lanky frame."

"I put on 22 pounds, that’s actually not even good for your body, even though it’s all muscle and you look good, it’s hard on your immune system."Unquote

I have been training for 10 years… I feel my immune system gets hit when I stop…:wink:

I’d guess he just suffered from overtraining symptoms, one of which is a suppressed immune system. He probably had to do this very quickly for the role, then had to keep it up during months of shooting.

I recall some studies showing those who train regularily have an improved immune system.

I will be polite. That person has no idea what he is talking about!

The immune system responds positively to activity. Matters not if it’s weight lifting, log moving, hay stacking, sprinting etc.

Lot’s of ignorance out there…yep.

To what I’ve read, not true. But some relevant info.

When you have increased levels of T, generally good, it can–that’s can–have a suppressive effect on your immune system.

It’s not having lean muscle mass that’s the problem. But when you’re really hammering your body to build it, you could–that’s could–be at more risk for the common cold, et cetera.

More like your body can’t be doing everything at once. So if it’s focused on adding mass, it’s not in total lock-down mode.

What does it all mean? Not much, I think. Just that if you’re overtraining like an idiot, you are running down some of body’s defenses.

Otherwise, if you have an active lifestyle, you’re going to be healthier period and have stronger system in general.

But I’ve read nothing nowhere that claims having “extra”–whatever that means–muscle causes problems.

The problems only occur when people behave like idiots to gain muscle mass: but the muscle mass itself, from everything I’ve ready, is good for you and has all around health benefits.

Also, what body fat percentage did he get to? If he dropped too low too quickly, that could have made him sick too.

I think I read somewhere that men should stay above 9% so there immune system doesn’t go batty. Can’t recall though. I do know that if you get very low in the BF%, you can get sick easier. From what I have read, that is 5% or less.