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Muscles = Probable Cause???


All I can say is Holy Crap!

"A well-built man was forced to take a drugs test in Stockholm recently after a police officer assumed that muscles like his could only have been developed with the help of illegal substances."



Utterly ridiculous.


I have no idea what the legal system is like over there, but I hope he can sue the crap out of the police!

Haha this would be funny though if the guy was like 180lbs


That's just scary that something like that can happen in a country that's not Iran or China. As far as I'm concerned Sweden is now #1 on the axis of evil. We should invade.


HAHA hell yea! Screw invading for oil, now hot blonde women, thats a good reason to invade! Not too mention our troops would love it :slight_smile:


Here is a picture of the man.

EDIT: Added a better pictures


Roids all the way.


If it was some pencil neck male officer, I could see jealousy as a possible reason for making such an arrest....but it was a woman officer. Weird.


Yeah LOL. It struck me, that he wasn't even roid-looking. He looks alot like most other gym-goers, that deadlifts.


She must have caught her boyfriend who was a bodybuilder banging a better looking woman.


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Sounds like she hit on him, he brushed her off, and she dragged him to the station for a bit of petty revenge.

A smart man would have just tapped that ass and moved on.


Shes a WOMAN.


I'd get 25-life.

Hypothetically speaking of course.


And I don't even look gay.