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Muscles Not Developing in the Centre of Chest


My pectorals have a large mass of muscle near my deltoids on my shoulders but in the centre of my chest there is a massive dip my chest appears to be receeding into my body ehat should I do?


You have this http://jhered.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/pdf_extract/30/4/139


You need to lift and eat and sleep. Until you get up in weight you need to be less concerned about minor areas and more concerned about overall mass.


yeah.. no offense but at your weight, nothing will look right. gain 30-50lbs(at least) of muscle before you re-evaluate your apearence. this sort of thing takes time, do not loose heart.


You just don't have any mass dude. Once you start putting on some real size, that will go away.



You guys are right about needing overall mass -- BUT the OP is right about the pecs. The way it looks in the pic, there is pec development but in a very weird shape. The clavicles look odd to me as well like they are angled down and in instead of straight across.

OP, ask Bushidobadboy.


My friend is 20 years old and has had that same problem all his life. No exercise will "fill" in your chest like that. My friend has gained weight over the years through high school and still has a depression in his chest.


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If this isn't a troll you have pigeon chest. I can't believe you've got this far in your life without it being diagnosed so I think this is probaly a troll. If this isn't then go to your doctor. There is a procedure which can fix this.

All you people telling him to just put mass on are morons this is a medical condition.


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Look man what you need aside from serious muscle mass ia alot of dumbell flyes,close grip benches and a helluv alot of protein, creatine wouldnt hurt as well.GOOD LUCK and lift heavy 3 times a week.


OP this man speaks the truth. Go speak to your doc.


i actually had an indented chest and it wads quite noticeable, however after a few years of working out it has certainly became much improved

Brisks whats this pigeon chest you mention ive never heard of it have any links ?




developing upper abs and inner chest will vastly improve this.