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Muscles, NASA, & Muscles


I dont know if this has been posted before but I found it quite interesting and I couldnt get the "search" function to work. I didnt really know where to put it ethier so I think this is the most appropriate spot.
(I'm not going to post the story as its a bit long {1 page}
Source: http://www.livescience.com/humanbiology/weight_lifting_041230.html

Hope you enjoy reading it. =)


Anti-atrophy pill?

Where can I get one?


Thanks for the link.

This research is funded by NASA, and the lab at UC Irvine has produced several different papers over the years (search Baldwin, Haddad, Adams).

My take from this article (and directly from their work), is that eccentrics are necessary for hypertrophy, and maximizing the Anabolic Index seems to be the "miracle drug" they're looking for.


I read that article on another site. Fascinating! Maybe NASA should start saving tax dollars with these huge, clunky resistance machines and just use some resistance tubes or something...:smiley: That, and put at least 1g of protein per lb. of bodyweight in them every day. Or the IGF-1 pill sounds cool. Whichever floats their boat.