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Muscles Murray -20 Inch Biceps



gotta love the media

source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1196930/So-secret-Muscles-Murray.html


Hahaha, i mean he's ripped. Looks like one of those emo kids who never exercise and has 'hot abz'. More like 14" arms.


Ya they are wrong his gunz are at least 22".


That's when stupid horny women write articles, I'm actually surprised she didn't go on about his six-pack, although she DID mention the abdominal exercise out of all...


'Muscles Murray'... oh, the humanity!


But guys he did pushups with just his arms, No knees needed.


your profile lists you as 5'8 135lbs. i bet you look like an emo kid who never exercises. do YOUR arms measure over 14 inches?

andy murray is a world class professional athlete. he has an excellent physique for his sport.


that's no way he's doing a planche, the leverage looks all wrong. is there a video of this anywhere?


Damn British and their metric system I'm sure they meant CM which is around 8in that looks about right.


maybe they meant both biceps together?

1st post :slight_smile:


Hah, I was thinking the same. Gotta admit, that system seems appealing to male egos, as average dong length goes from 6 in the U.S. to 15 overseas.


Oh dear God. Now people are gonna start emulating his workout in an attempt to get 20" gunz


You know it man!

But they'd probably go to one of those fancy new gyms with all the shiney equipment, so I doubt I'll see them!


edit: He just lost to Roddick, I'm happy now!


Oh well, at least the diet part is good.


That is what passes for big muscles now a days?



Wow! I typed alot of stuff and deleted it. Then I decided on one word. WOW!


I think a good, swift nut-sack kick is more in order for these guys, LR.


I don't care who thinks he has big muscles... Who the fuck took his arm measurements!?


It's OK now, he just lost the Semi Final. Nobody is going to want to be like a failure!



This must be a joke...