Muscles Look Soft and Drained on Sustanon Blast?

Hi all,
I’m currently running a blast at 400mg per week. and within the first week I’m noticing my muscle fullness and definition have really faded. Even in the gym my pumps are much weaker than when I was on 150mg. Why is that?

What have you changed in your diet?

Changed nothing from my diet, I’m eating as much as I can. I’m currently trying to drink a lot more water during the day. This had happened to me last blast (my first attempt) and I had to end it early because my muscles started looking smaller and I started looking very fat with much smaller arms and no definition. The only thing I can think of is that I’ve either overdosed my AI last week (I’ve since stopped using an AI because I’m a high responder) or the Nolvadex is making me look flat somehow.

Dont know if this helps but i had amazing results with my first cycle of Sust250 for 12 weeks, 40 year old. That was a year ago. So 4 weeks ago i started my 2nd cycle of Sust250 but upped it to an even 300mg a week and i feel the same way. I know its early in cycle still but dont notice the size and definition that i had last time, granted my diet isn’t perfect everyday and my gym sessions are 45 mins now as opposed to hr and a half.

Yeah, i’ve stopped my cycle and went back to 40mg eod my standard TRT dose. I would understand if my body comp stayed the same, but I was looking worse and worse as I progressed into my cycle. Some of my friends even noticed that I looked noticeably smaller, even though I was getting stronger immediately.

Weird. Are you using the same brand Sust? If i recall correctly i didn’t really notice much the first month in terms effects but i know i had a major boost in libido which i haven’t had yet.

I’m using Sustanon 250 by Organon. My libido is low on TRT anyway, maybe I should have been more patient but my body looking progressively more flat and drained made it unbearable psychologically to continue with the cycle. The strength was still good though.