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Muscles In Constant Recovery Mode = Optimal Growth


I am on a cut and went from a 5 day split to an every other day full body workout and the fat has been falling off at my feet even though I eat 2200-2400 cals (I usually cut at around 1900).

I also look a lot fuller than when I was doing a split and even gained some strength on some lifts all while in a deficit.

I have 3 strength sets and 3 hypertrophy sets per body part, with the exception of shoulders.

Bench X3 2-5
Incline DB Press x3 6-12

Pull Up x3 2-5
Barbell Row x3 6-12

Lateral Raise x2 6-12
Rear Delt Row x2 6-12

Curl + Skull crusher x3 3-6
Hammer Curls + Kick x3 6-12

Leg Press x3 2-5
Leg Ext + Leg Curl + Calf Raises x3 6-12

Dumbell Shrugs x 3 6-12

The workout normal takes 1.5-2 hours depending on rest intervals.

In theory wouldn't it better be to keep muscles in a constant state of recovery for optimal growth ? If you have the time for 2 hour workouts every other day ?

The drawback would be a much higher chance of injuries, but my shoulders/elbows seem to be recovering fine between workouts.

Leroy Colbert is a big believer in full body stuff:


[quote]TC15 wrote:
In theory wouldn’t it better be to keep muscles in a constant state of recovery for optimal growth ? [/quote]

Do you mean not training at all?



I think you should spend more time reading the hundreds of free articles written by professionals on this single site and less time starting these threads. I’m not even sure what you are trying to accomplish with this thread.

Read everything from CT, Wendler, Dan John, Kroc, etc. and go to elitefts and read that too. I don’t see how you’d need to ask any questions after that.


You know what would be a good idea and would burn some fat…squats and deadlifts. You’re missing out on all kinds of gainzzzz

But in all seriousness do as others have said and read some of the articles on this site, and maybe just follow a proper routine rather than making your own up?


Umm, those in the know realize that muscles don’t have to be fully recovered to be trained and if you are doing the big lifts like deadlifts, squats, bench presses, it is likely not one muscle is ever truly fully recovered, whatever we can gauge recovery by, whether they are on a bro split, an upper-lower split, or a full body schedule.

You’ve announced your programs and aims several times. If you just want to announce them or talk about them–like talk shop-that’s fine, but I am unsure as to where you are going as of late. If you think something will work, and it is working, why ask approval? You don’t need it. And if you think something might cause injury, don’t do it.


Your idea has merit and plenty of coaches have talked about the benefits of frequency training but not the way you have it set up. You are doing 15 exercises in one session. You only need to do half of that. If you are keen on the exercises that you have listed then why not split them into 2 separate sessions and do an A,B,A,B type.

Instead of doing BB Bench Press and DB Incline Press in the same session why not do 1 in A and the other in B. Split your routine in half this way and you will end up with around 7 exercises per session which is far more effective.

Dan John, Chad Waterbury, Alwyn Cosgrove, Lou Schuler, Nick Nilson among others have written plenty on this topic.


The weight is falling off and you look fuller… er, keep doing what you’re doing

Most days do something like rope press down instead of skullcrushers or elbow problems will creep up on you pretty quick