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Muscles for Athletes Articles???

Hey Christian I was reading some old articles and was real intrigued by the “Muscles for Athletes” parts one and two articles you wrote back in 2007 I believe. I was excited to look at part three, but realized it wasn’t written!! Either this or I’m retarded and can’t find it. Either way, if you could please shed some light on this topic or possible finish the series I’d appreciate and sure others would too. One last thing, I thought maybe the whole Beast Building series might be the finale of muscles for athletes, b/c it includes lots of Functional Isometrics and things like that talked about in MfA 1&2, but then realized this probably isn’t true b/c beast building is more or less geared towards bodybuilding…thanks thibs

I’m not CT, but i believe i read that part 3 was lost, not 100%

hey thanks anyways…