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Wow…thank you Puff! I am glad that it was my sweet little post where all I wanted to do was help people (pouty, big brown fluttering eyes looking up at you) drew your judgmental, insecure, self-righteous, holier than thou, pious ass out of the wood work.

As much as I may use (squint your eyes, so your dont have to be COMPLETELY EXPOSED TO THE WORD)fuck or other “curses”, I have NEVER judged anyone here. I am so about every single one of these women and their quest for strength, confidence and love of themselves and here you come, big fucking deal, you can deadlift twice your bodyweight. Hoo-fuckin-ray.

Here is the beauty of the internet…there is a tiny little ‘X’ at the top of your screen. Use it and leave us real POWERFUL women to do what we do. Toss some heavy shit around. And trust me, there is no room in powerlifting for people like you. So do us all a favor and keep your hands off of the key board and read if you want to learn a thing or two. Otherwise, that tiny little X has your name all over it.

I know this is a troll thread but I just want to say that if I were one of Ouroboro’s daughters I’d feel nothing but pride if I read her log.

Well, I gotta say, y’all don’t let a lil’ puffy DL gal down; such an interesting range of responses…although it would seem that the hostile/humourous ones dominated. (As for a couple of impressive examples of short but intensely graphic sex shi-it, I pretty much inferred your muy friendly!! intent/message by the context and pics; wowza, has someone been pouring some juice on them thar Wheaties, or what.)

All the talk of ‘trolls’ had me somewhat concerned, so I got the height thing checked out, and I AM just a hair under 5 feet, so you just may have a point. Speaking of hair, though, I lack the requisite troll tresses (as in down to my ass), so may have to look into some ‘quick grow’ formula. So, while I appreciate the effort to categorize my diminutive self, I would describe myself as just-shy-of-tiny (ya, ya, g’head with the witty ripostes), as opposed to being an authentic troll.

As for other specific comments, well, there was such a flurry of intense/defensive/pissy-along with maybe ONE fairly objective post (although the fella was careful to qualify his NOT being totally on the “Get Yer Troll/Puff Arse Outta Our Playground” bandwagon, so as not to bring the wrath of BB-ers down on himself…smart move), that it’d be impossible to compose a comprehensive reply.

Again, thanks for your interest re: my little ‘epithet query.’ I’d hang around a bit longer right now, but I’m feeling the need to spend some time with my trusty Oly bar: “Yesss, my pretty!!” I may loff my DL, but gotta sweat some BP today, and plan the next squatfest…toodles, y’all :).

you are either out of your FUCKING mind, or a pothead.

are you a pothead, puff?


Cbear - remind you of futurehotmom’s posts on FA or what?

[quote]mmgalb727 wrote:
Cbear - remind you of futurehotmom’s posts on FA or what?[/quote]

fhm, coastalchic, hollyjoy, and a few others. the spelling is done too well to be fhm, and it’s not all one big paragraph/runon sentence.

ah well. someone’s got sand in their panties, and i dont know if i can take credit for it being there, but i’m completely willing to man the firehose it’ll take to was the 'tude off.

[quote]CBear84 wrote:

[quote]mmgalb727 wrote:
Cbear - remind you of futurehotmom’s posts on FA or what?[/quote]

fhm, coastalchic, hollyjoy, and a few others. the spelling is done too well to be fhm, and it’s not all one big paragraph/runon sentence.
Damn! There that many sandy vags walking around FA? No wonder there have been so many rafts coming in lately.

instead of saying across the pond we should start saying across the keys.

ftr, i wouldnt have sent gonzales back. im just a lil wary of all the immigrants. esp the ones who stay anonymous. like 3 of 5 new people are oleena, and the other two are too shy to post pics, or dont have a camera.
do NOT believe the camera thing.

[quote]CBear84 wrote:

do NOT believe the camera thing. [/quote]

immigrants usually flee with just the clothes on their backs. Cameras would not survive the frigid temperatures.

Awww. I come back in for a visit to see how everyone is doing and I’m getting badmouthed! I feel so special :slight_smile: And to think everyone at grad school thinks I’m nice and sweet and say nothing about having a “poor uneducated vocabulary”. The most entertaining part is that I think my second log was pretty clean…

Ah fuck it. Like I actually give a shit was DL queen over there thinks…

I’m SO sorry I didn’t think of this earlier.

This is disappointingly bad… at least oleana works at it a little bit.