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Muscles Density!


Hello Christian,actually I've been looking for an answer to my question for 1 year now and I can't find out a solution. I'm 21 years old,I've been in bodybuilding for 3 years now my body is in perfect shape I'm on 10% body fat my muscles are big full rounded,but I have this problem which is No muscles density!

They are big full yeah but soft,and I can't find out why,where is the problem? I always train,eat healthy,sleep,the perfect lifestyle. I wish you can help me with that I really appreciate it !


Try isometric exercises, e.g holding a weight in place for as long as possible without moving it


Stop bodybuilding and start power lifting.....LOL, that will harden you up


Do a google search on "sarcoplasmic myofibrillar hypertrophy" and read up.


x2 on the powerlifting.

Lower reps >5 and really heavyweight, as opposed to 8-12 rep weights will really improve your "tone" and give you a "harder" and more "dense" look.


x2 soak up as much as you can with anatomy and physiology


More so it'll give you the dense "feel" you're after. Heavy lifting breaks muscle down more efficiently and the new tissue and bigger muscle that comes in after recovery is thicker and harder. Not only that, the heavier weight makes your brain tell your body "holy shit, recruit more muscle fibers, this shit is heavy we gotta work harder!" Nothing against 8-12 or 15 because it obviously works for hypertrophy, endurance, and some strength but lower rep heavier weight is all about man power, and a stronger muscle is a harder one.


I'm an old fart but was reenergized by Waterbury's Huge in a Hury.
Then I found Wendler's 5 3 1 and love it even more.
Now he has his 3 month challenge that I'll try after I get back from vacation.
I hope this helps.