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Muscles Are Making Me Dumb


I'm a smart guy, but the stronger I get the more I see muscle as the solution in place of brains. I used to feel good when I thought of a brilliant way to solve a problem, but now I get a bigger smile when I figure out how to challenge myself physically instead.

Perfect example was this week, my hot water pipe burst and I had a large flood. During the cleanup I had to rip out the walls and insulation, but the best part was the wood floor. It was damaged and curled so it needed to come up. Rather than do it the "smart" way I got a good grip and deadlifted sections up. It felt great, the fact that it was stapled to the plywood made it harder but more enjoyable as it gave in to me and my limited tools.

So perhaps I'm no dumber, but where I get satisfaction from sure is changing.


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They don't need to be mutually exclusive, you know.


Na, I've been strong for a while also, minus some injuries in the last couple of years. I think I've been leaning this way for a while and only just realized it.


:slightly_smiling: i see both solutions, but one used to be more enjoyable and it flipped.



Also, what makes you think doing what you did, any smarter than what you could have done?

Is it a fair comparison? Someone could say that it would be smarter to pay to have that work done, it depends on what your definition of "smart" is.

I could be absolutely wrong about all this.


Exactly. After every great book I read...I immediately rip it in half and then rub the book halves all over my shirtless body while screaming, "Hellz Yeah!" with a German accent right before doing one handed push ups.


Pics or it didn't happen.


I thought I was the only one...


You need to read Dostoevsky, and get some Russian ketelbels up in somebody's grill.


The OP has expanded his skillset, thus making him more independent. Makes him feel good about himself. I get it.

There is a clear difference, though, between doing something "manly" and actually being a "man." I think that's where this is leading, not the fact that you did something because you're strong, but did something because you felt that you could, without help.

Step in the right direction though, good on you.


me too cause when i hold my breath during a 20 rep leg press and i feel dizzy afterwards i think i like uhhhh lost some brain celss LOL


nothing wrong with doing things a harder way to have a little fun with it. I tend to make sure to do the more physically taxing things in my life, because I figure that I might as well work my body while getting things done. Could that constitute as a smarter choice? haha




No, not pics, video! You need to hear him scream "Hellz yeah!"


Everyone who reads Dostojewskys "Idiot" without crying once is a soulless bastard.

Or Mick28.

Wait, soulless bastard will do.


Maybe your brain thinks using your muscles is a smarter decision and its such a smart idea you dont even realise it.



And there is only one thing to add.


Thank you.


I would have just done deadlifts with my penis for, you know, functional strength.


so by using my brawn instead of brain i was being smarter...so i was really using my brain.

Wow, my brain is STRONG!!!