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Muscles Are Fatigued, Not Sore


So I really pounded my deadlift about 10 days ago. Set a personal record and did some reps at about 90% 1RM. I haven't been able to do any posterior chain work since. It isn't like anything is sore, but the whole of my lower back through hamstrings just feel fatigued and wont recover. Is this nervous system related? Is there anyway to aid recovery?


Food and Sleep?

Just throwing that out there...


ummm how about you sleep enough and eat enough


I can't help your recovery, but that avatar is crazy. Crazy exciting.


Man I woul answer your question but that avatar made me forget what it was, and I cant stop watching it.


Yeah I know...been on a yellow fever kick lately.

No shit on eating and sleeping. I actually though that I wasn't getting enough calories (even though I pay pretty close attention to my diet) so I bumped my calories up an additional 2000kcal to 5000 for a few days--just not kickin' it. I was wondering if there was some type of active recovery that might kick-start things.


MORE ASIAN GIRLS! but seriously if that don't "kick-start things" nothing ever will. :confused:


More caffeine pre workout. Much more.


Yes.....all else being equal

Nothing special to accelerate recovery......cover the basics: food, water, sleep, etc.


So they are just fatigued?
You say there's no pain,but is there tightness?


No tightness really. I was thinking that this was nervous system related because it feels like muscles just don't want to fully fire. I have had this feeling in muscles before, but it has never just lingered like this.


hey man, how is youe carb intake?, you know you need enought carbs, i'm on a low carb diet and i feel the same as you, but it's normal, well at least when you're on low carb you may feel "flat".

also i love your avatar


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sleep more
eat more

if that doesnt work you might need to rethink your routine. You couldve overtrained th P chain

so give it rest, get in some more cals

and hit it in moderation next week


Same train of thought. I up my carbs over the weekend to 300ish grams a day from under 100. That is where I pick up most my extra calories. We will give it a week and see.


you could try just foam rolling the crap out of yourself to see what happens. If nothing happens, then you know it's not the muscles. Not like it could hurt.

I also love your avatar.


how long have you been lifting for without a break? could be a sign of overtraining if your muscles still feel fatigued you might need a break from lifting for a little bit to "recharge"


foam roll