Musclenow...You Sure?

I’m really curious as to how this is physically possible?

Am I reading a whole bunch of b.s.?

Did these guys really transform themselves in a matter of weeks?

What the hell is the big secret?

no big secret.
just train hard, eat and pay attention to nutrient timing
set your standards and stick to them.
there’s no quick fix.


LOL. It’s called advertising. It’s a freaking single page site dedicated to making you buy the information.

I liked when the guy said he’d teach you how to measure muscle growth. Duh. Ever heard of a tape measure? I’m betting that’s worth half the purchase price right there!

don’t forget scale and a bodypod to measure bodyfat. for only 12,000 bucks you too can have a bodpod!

half those transformations dont even lookany different…