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what are anyones thoughts on MuscleMilk? just picked up some chocolate from the grocery store tonight because it had a good amount of calories and protein per serving for me. i read the label about 10 minutes ago, sounds interesting, just wondering what anyones thoughts or experiences were, if any. thanks


That stuff gives me gas like no other homie...not too fond of the taste of the chocolate one either


Tastes great, the chocolate, vanilla and Cookies and Cream. Haven't tried the banana.

Did you get the RTDs or the powder form?
I wish the RTDs were a bit larger (the 11oz ones) only have 230 calories or so.

From what I hear it's a quality product, however just like any supplement it can't replace sound nutrition and exercise (of course).


I've known people to give away their MuscleMilk after paying big $$ for it. I still vote for Grow!. If it weren't so good at putting mass on me, I'd drink it recreationally.


The good news: taste is THE best from all MRP's, protein powders I have ever tried. I've tried them all over the last 12 years. Milk chocolate muscle milk you actually try to limit your consumption.

The bad news: When I used to do a traditional 3 MRP a day (any brand) and then switched to muscle milk, i got fat. Lots of calories. No wonder it taste so good, 18 grams of fat per serving!!!


Definetely the best tasting protein supplement on the market. Although, as has been stated, there is a lot of fat, especially the RTD's, which can upset your stomach if you're not used to it.

My favorite flavor in the RTD's is Vanilla Cream, but all the flavors are heads and shoulders above any other RTD.

Good training,



While I was in Iraq I lost 50 pounds taking muscle milk (three times a day) and lipo 6.

When I got home a started taking it again (three times a day) and put on a lot of weight. I'm kind of picky about the task of my protein so I have stayed with muscle milk but now I only take it once a day on the days I workout, and I have changed my diet. I have been doing a little research on the Metabolic Drive, and people say it task really good I'm going to give it a try when I finish my muscle milk.

FYI The pineapple banana smoothie and most of the creams are pretty tasty


good stuff

great taste and texture

voted best protein to eat straight out of the cannister

has some good fats, so fills the void if you are not getting these from other sources

if i had to pick one food for every meal for the rest of my life, this would be it

BUT, it does not fit into either P&F nor P&C meals, and thus i do not use it just now

IF you are a skinny guy with a fat wallet, this shit is made for you



Good stuff. I would use it for a bulking diet, or as an afternoon MRP. Just don't drink too much or you will get fat.


Is it really that expensive? I found it on the net for $20. I have never tried it, I use Low Crab GROW/Met. Drive.


Something you may all want to be aware of:

Musclemilk contains glycocyamine, the assinine supplement designed to "increase endogenous creatine production" but has been implicated in leading to increased levels of homocysteine, a marker for increased heart disease risk.

Barr and others have put out articles warning about this substance and its addition to creatine cocktails, proteins, etc.


you know i tried it and thought it
was very good and Grow! is better.
now beacause of one ingredient in
muscle milk i cant take it. my grandpa,
daddy, older brother(at 36 yrs) all
had doulble and tripple bypass, so
i would hate to have a bypass myself.,
and still have more weight to loose and
that is another thread for later.....



i did that. i thought it was awful so i gave it to a friend. he tried a couple and threw the rest out. you guys who dig it are frickn nuts.


I seriously have trouble believing this story, because it is just flat out tasty. Blueberry is a good choice. (There are really no bad choices.)


3 Words regarding Muscle Milk

Root Beer Float.

That is all, return to your posting citizens.


Interesting, happen to have a link to these articles, I'm rather curious now.

Also, I found this on the web...
"creatine supplementation was associated with a 27% decrease in homocysteine. This is because creatine supplementation downregulates GAA biosynthesis, thus decreasing methylation demand."

So, would this mean that supplementing with creatine would help counter balance the effects of the glycocyamine?


i too love the taste of muscle milk, but only when it's mixed in milk. it tastes lousy in water.

for the record, i have never been able to avoid gaining fat when mixing my protein supplemets in milk. and as a few have said before me, something with 20 grams of fat better taste good!

i use Metabolic Drive, pretty much exclusively, because it is the only protein powder that tastes good in water, in my opinion. (isopure is ok occasionally, but for some reason, i get sick of it really fast, and it tastes awful with a teaspoon of flax oil).

i'd be interested if anyone knows of any other protein powders that taste good in water?





I don't know the answer to your question, but it would definately be another argument for the use of creatine, and in addition to folic acid supplementation, a wise act to practice to keep homocysteine levels in check if one were to take a product that could potentially elevate homocysteine.

I would personally just dump the musclemilk.


I was referring to drinking Grow!/Metabolic Drive like it was beer, not MuscleMilk. I've vomited drinking Nitro-Tech before, tried EAS, TwinLab, etc and wasn't impressed at all. So, drinking Metabolic Drive/Grow! and going back for another scoop just to savor, well, that says a lot. By the way, I used ice cold water and followed the mixing instructions and ended up drinking a really thick and creamy shake. I used that technique exclusively after that experience. Note: ICE cold. Ice chunks should have formed in your water before you pour it into the mix bottle. Cold enough to give you a brain-freeze. Check it out sometime! That will explain me dreaming of drinking it for enjoyment.


I never tried it because it has too much fat (especially saturated) and a larger amount of carbs per serving than I like as well. For me, Metabolic Drive works because I can use it with my P+C and P+F meals and keep the restricted macronutrient under 10 grams.

Otherwise, I've heard a lot of rave reviews from friends who use it. Some people swear by it. It does look interesting, and I would probably try it if I were a hardgainer (instead of an FFB).