Musclemass or Recruitment Carryover?

I dont know where to post this, I hope this is the right catergory. If guy A deadlifts 500 because he has a lot of mass in the prime movers and guy B (guy As indentical twin) deadlifts 500 with less mass and better recruitment, which of these guys will have more carryover to “real world” or unconcentional movements such as tire flips for example? So basically my question is: what has more carryover, muscle mass or recruitment of those muscles?

The guy who has better recruitment will be bigger.

Are you referring to inter-muscular coordination instead?

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Are you planning to structure your training based upon the answer to this question?

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The guy who is better at being stronger will be stronger than the guy who is better at being better.

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Muscle recruitment like guy B is a master of deadlift technique only, or guy B is “athletic” and can figure out how to Deadlift 500, plus do an OK backflip and a half way decent power snatch on his first try?

Is twin A like 7 pounds more massive? Or like 40 pounds of muscle bigger?

Sorry for not phrasing my question properly, my english isnt very good. Both use the same technique. I kind of have to use an example (which kind of oversimplifies it):
Guy A lets say squats using more hypertrophy oriented methods but still gets to a 500lbs squat and build tons of mass
Guy B (his twin) build a 500 lbs squat by a approach that leads to more relative strength (with less muscle mass) like a bulgarian method or conjugate (I know, they still make you bigger)
Any other training variables, assistance and stuff thrown out the window, which one of the guys is more “real world” strong?

Conjugate guy is definetly best. He uses the hypertrophy methods for mass, plus the Bulgarian style for strength and develops superior technique with the Dynamic method.

All the good stuff, in 1 approach.

What is “hypertrophy oriented”? There is a difference between training for bodybuilder proportions and training for hypertrophy.

I can do multiple sets in a moderate rep range with mostly compound exercises and it will still be “hypertrophy oriented” as long as I focus on expending full effort, muscle recruitment and accumulating fatigue.