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 The occasional "dumb" bb is far outnumbered by those who do know their stuff. In general bbs eat right, rest right, and exercise right.  TC's latest editorial made me think of this.  Need proof?  We talk of fat loss, not weight loss.  We know just cutting calories won't do that, so timing and size of meals becomes important. Ironically, I have found some dietitians less competent than personal trainers

Anybody trained in an institution of higher learning is pretty much a moroon when it comes to this field, at least in my eyes. I had a nutrition prof tell me I would die of a heart attack if I kept eating the way I did/do. Too many calories and WAY too much protein, according to him. Funny how I lose weight if I eat anything less…
But, the institutions are routinely 5-10 years behind the curve, in my experience. Another prof told me whey protein was no better than soy or any other protein. what a yutz. he didnt even know what BV was…

You won’t believe this… a little guy (6’0 ~150lbs) at work asked this slightly bigger guy (probably 6’4 180) what protein powder he uses & he said ‘I don’t need that shit, I use deca!’. I really couldn’t believe what I heard I’m seriously not making it up lol.

You really can’t believe that the average bodybuilder is smart. Just look around the gym. I say most bodybuilders are slightly below average intelligence, and plenty are just plain dumb.

If we are referring to bodybuilders as anyone who lifts weights in an attempt to get bigger, healthier, stonger, etc. Then we would be including everyone in the gym of course. And I don’t know about the people at the gyms you guys train at but where I train the average gym rat doesn’t know shit about about proper diet, rest, or training (or they do know and they don’t use that knowledge). Therefore, I would have to agree with Colin the average bodybuilder is not very smart (health and nutrition-wise). This is why the majority of people you see in the gym look the same day in-day out and rarely make progress.

Gotta disagree with the original post. I think that most BBs eat wrong, train wrong and rest wrong. Which explains why they never get anywhere after their newbie gains stop. However, the people on THIS BOARD are, in general, far more informed/on the ball than average. (Although there are still a few who insist on making illiterate posts, asking questions that have been answered dozens of times and so on.)

I have to disagree. I was just telling my workout partner about how much stupid crap i witnessed in the gym yesterday. There are maybe 3 or 4 people there that know what they are doing and the rest are complete dumb asses. Everybody there stacks on as much weight as possible and uses the shortest range of motion possible.And its obvious no one knows how to eat there. - Meathead

I think what you meant to say was bodybuilders who know what they are doing. Not your run of the mill person catching a workout. In my lifetime ive met one person who i think knew as much as me. When i go to the gym, the number of people who know what they are doing goes from 0 to 1. When i leave it goes back to 0. Ive never seen anyone workout in person that knew what they were doing. But that one guy i met knew his shit and definitely knows more than my fucking nutrition teacher whos arms are bigger than mine(and her waist, and her hips, and her legs, etc). I think if you compare the elite in both fields then the bodybuilding nutritionists definitely have an advantage.

I’m gonna make another post cause iwas was on a roll talking about crap like this this morning.
Another thing that makes me wanna slap people is seeing them drink carbo force and other drinks with 400 grams of sugar in them. And its
usually people who need to loseweight. Then you’ve got the aerobocs instructor who teaches several classes and “worksout” but has a flabby ass and no shape to her. And shes a certified instructor. I could never become a trainer at a gym because i would feel wrong about it. Most gym owners have predetermined routines and you just send everybody on a circuit training course. Anyways i probably jus t wasted everybodys time again so im done.- Meathead

Anytime I want to feel as smart as say…Steven Hawkins I should take a trip to the gym. This is where the stupidest morons I have ever come across congregate to display the combined cognitive abilities of a gum ball machine. “Oh what’s this, cause your much fatter then me then that means you bigger and hence know more than me. Okay your probably right carbs before a workout and protien after, it certainly explains your physique!!!” What a douch that guy was.

Arrrrrrrrrrhhhhh. *Smash* Yup Captain I didn't get enough attention when I was a little kid is doing.......some exercise where.....you make alot of noise and drop the weight so that people think your big and strong(Dumb).


Have you ever asked anyone to spot you at the gym? There are two types.

Type 1:

The slightest sign of trouble and the dick yanks the weight up for you so you manage to get like 15 reps on a set that was only suppose to be 6. “Hey ‘exercise science’ how was that trap work out you just did?”

Type 2:

“It’s all you, come on, it’s all you”. No asshole it’s all gravity, as the bar is going to cut my fucking head off if you don’t pull it off my neck you dickless, brainless shit chewing idiot.

Now I'm no brain surgeon but I could do a brain operation on anyone of these twits with a Bic Pen, a credit card and a Dremel tool and have with utter certainty no chance of causing any damage. I'm also a fan of run on sentences.

Blood pressure normalizing, voices calming down.


i think that you may have overestimated the intelligence of people who train with weights and personal trainers. i was at a certification this weekend and here are two of the choicer nuggets from people that are being trained to train people. “what is glutamine?” and when we were talking about muscle fiber types “so are olympic lifters more aerobic than powerlifters?” this is from people that aspire to train others.
i think that there are still a large number of people out there that get into the whole i have abs so i am right thing. these people also seem to be the most vocal. i agree with tc that a person who is devoted to the weights needs to carry themself with a certain degree of dignity. i may be off base due to the fact that i am currently living in florida, the land of the no talent chest beater, but even outside of here i see this alot.