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'Muscle Women'-MSNBC

[quote]etaco wrote:
This is slightly off topic, but I wonder if female bodybuilders are on the shortlist of people that always get asked to help with moving too.[/quote]

I fucking HATE helping people move. I hate it with a passion. But, I’ll still do it.

Don’t get me started with this…

To add to what Momma said:

This is Kristy’s Thesis:

“My thesis work is in the area of metabolic engineering in yeast with an emphasis on inducible promoter systems and other strategies for fine-tuning expression of recombinant enzymes/proteins. I am primarily working to produce benzylisoquinoline alkaloids in S. cerevisiae but have also constructed yeast strains which exhibit modified responses from the GAL promoter and am pursuing other RNA-based strategies for regulation by small molecules in vivo”.

On a more personal note, if you listen to her talk, Kristy gives off a VERY feminine “vibe”. In many ways she blows away the “dumb musclehead/schmoe wrestling dyke” that is so much the stereotype placed on female bodybuilders.

This woman has most likely seen it all and heard it all; and she still pursues her passion.

I admire her.