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Muscle with Warm Fuzzy Feelings

Yo fellow Manimals. As a student of psychology, I have often come across the intricate nuiances and nuerosis of the hardcore mindset. Oftentimes, we are prone to answer difficult questions concerning our sensitivity with grunts, foul language, and the highly misunderstood yet sensual break of wind. What I am getting at friends is that I’d like to exhibit my more sensitive side by sharing with you some workout and hardcore-related poetry, in the ancient and beautiful form of “Haiku” (5 syllables followed by a line of 7, followed by a line of 5) Should you all react favorably, I will gladly post a weekly piece. Here goes:

You got a problem

with my clanging the weights bitch

yeah fuckin hostile

I hope this has been enjoyable and eye-opening for those of you who thought iron and poetry didn’t mix. God I’m fucked up. Anyone else feel like they’re…on Deca? Lata.


Sounds like a candidate for the Poetry Society of America Awards…good luck bro!!! :wink:

good work eric mate,

hope this note finds you quite safe,

please stop this crap now

C’mon guys, give Eric a break. That is the funniest shit I’ve read in a while. Eric, I for one, am in favor of your weakly, oops, I weekly posts. I dub thee Basho.