Muscle Weight Gain

I have been working out for the past 11 months changing from various full body to split routines. Although I have found that I have made gains by toning up I am confused as |I have not put on any additional muscle weight. I have read lots of posts etc saying that people have put on pounds of lean muscle in just a few months.

Does anyone have the same problem or have any advice? I am what you could call a hardgainer and currently weigh 182lbs. I weight train to quite a high intensity (not sure if this is a possible reason). I also eat well and support my diet with creatine and protein shakes. Any advice would be appriciated.

[quote]Silverstar wrote:
[…] I also eat well and support my diet with creatine and protein shakes. Any advice would be appriciated. [/quote]

Most likely, the problem is your diet.

Please post your food intake on an average (training) day. (And your workout routine while you’re already at it)

I second Petrichor.

Also, you might want to read this thread before you label yourself a hardgainer.

That is one thread Im glad I read before I ever made my first post…

hard gainers have to do with improving on your lifts.

muscle gain is 90% diet 10% training especially as a beginner.

before you call yourself a hard gainer be sure you are makign everything right and compare yourselves to other making things as right as you with similar stats. if their lifts improve twice or 3 times as fast then yes you are a hard gainer. but if you are doing something wrong dont label yourself as such yet. its no different than people who are overweight that claim its “in their genes”(bullshit, only like… 1 out of 100 of them have it in their genes)

Unless you’re 7’2 or have 30% bodyfat, I’m not sure you can weigh 182 and not have some muscle in there :slight_smile:

Is it just that your weight hasn’t changed, or have you actually had your body fat tested, to know that you haven’t gained any muscle.

I am assuming that the scale isn’t moving, because you are eating rigth around maintenance for calories. During this time period you have added some muscle, I got that from “tonning up”, and lost some fat, also from “toning up”. If this is the case and the scale hasn’t moved, then you are fine. Keep going, and our diets could always use work.