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Muscle Wasting and Hair Loss from Several Places

Hi everybody … hope everyone doing well.

I been running with some issue I will explain everything hopefully somebody can help me … been doing tests for 2 years still didn’t catch the issue …

I been working out for few years and have good muscles shape … I quite for 2 years … then I rejoin and was doing great for the first 3 months and got muscles shape and all that stuff … the 4th months suddenly I was doing sex with my wife that didn’t touch her for almost 4-5 months and once I finished something weird start attacking my muscles here and here and there and bother me in the night before sleep it’s like twitching or muscle impulse it’s inside the muscle mass like can’t see it and of course I was seeing my muscles decreasing I start feeling like exhausted and can’t left weight and like fatigue and that stuff and have to reduce the weight I am lifting almost half … and same time my hair start falling off and thinning out and have pain in lower legs both side …

my diet was same and everything same nothing changed … so I quit since more I workout more I bother my body and loose muscle (no point) … I quit for another 2 years and I rejoined recently like 4 months and still have same problem … I have the muscle shape but the are like water very soft(abnormal) like there is water inside them and won’t get bigger … so first time when happened I checked testosterone and was 246 which I know it’s low but I think I still can do good job without TRT and get some muscles …

so first time happened 2 years ago when he told me it’s low and I wasn’t have much info so decided to go with TRT to see if it helps but that time wasn’t working out I was playing a lot of soccer but wanna watch my hair loss if it do any difference … so didn’t help hair loss so I guess not the testosterone the issue … So what do you think I need to check else ? I am attaching video to see the soft muscle that I have right now and I am still working out for a while… and I am still losing hair as well from scalp/beard /chest

How old are you? What range was the lab for that 246? That is below range on almost any lab, and a problem. Go see a doctor, that is not right or okay.

Go see a DOCTOR and get off this website. Low testosterone could be literally the least of your worries. Don’t try to find your answer on the internet.


Again see doctor for why it’s low or get TRT ?

I am 39 and I know after 30 will start drop down but shouldn’t be this low right ?

The doctor I see urology and he is idiot just put me on TRT without figure the main reason

Thanks for reply.

I am 39 and the range was around 300-900 but later on jump around 285-300.

You mean see doctor to see why dropped or put me on TRT?


There are other things that can go wrong besides you having low T or needing TRT. Getting a blood test and prescribing yourself TRT is light years away from a proper diagnosis.
Go see a doctor.
Do not get an online diagnosis.

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I saw a lot of doctors for 2 years … all blood work came normal try to see if somebody have been through same issue maybe point me to specific diagnostic …

That sounds pretty strange.

Almost sounds like turning 40 :frowning:

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This is why we must never surrender our precious bodily fluids and life essence

This is very true. A testosterone level that low points at TRT in your future. It is very important to try and find a cause before pursuing a treatment. Most times, the cause is not found for hypogonadism (Low T), but a decent Urologist or Endocrinologist will be able to rule out the obvious stuff and help with the legalities - if there are any where you are.A second blood test showing low Test is also normally required just to get started. You can’t base things off of one set of labs.

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Yeah man TRT isn’t that bad. If your that low your going to probably feel the best you have in 20 years.

Do you have high cholesterol and take statins? Its possible you have an electrolyte deficiency as well.

Ya gotta accept the hairloss. Its painful at first. But its less painful than a long winded attempt at stalling it for a decade or more. Why because genetically its going to happen. And the only real solution aside from alot of expensive procedures and follicular transplants is to tank your test or your DHT with finasteride.

If you have to choose between feeling like shit with hair and feeling amazing while being bald. Pick the latter because if your testosterone is properly optimized you will probably give less shits about it anyways and its going to happen eventually no matter what ya do.

The obsession with it usually is more detrimental to your quality of life than the actual reality of it and how other people perceive it.

Abnormal Muscle fatigue/pain/weakness is always a medical problem but sometimes it can even lead to a medical emergency.

At your age. If your diet/stress/sleep is reasonable its possible you have an underlying condition that does need treatment thats causing a reduction in your pituitary function.

You gotta go though dude because the worst case scenario is you have a tumor in your gland, or your experiencing some type of mild rhabdomyolosis every time you workout because of a metabolic abnormality.