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Muscle Wastage


Hi everyone, I apologise in advance for pissing people off for perhaps not doing the appropriate research or starting a thread unnecessarily. However, I'll try to be brief and explain my predicament: Since May 2010 I've been afflicted by what I was mislead to believe was "Tendonitis" in both forearms. After months of frustration- out of work, unable to train or play guitar or use a computer, I finally realised the problem was simply poor muscle quality and trigger points etc brought on by abuse in the gym in the form of bad technique due to flexibility issues.

Two physios pretty much considered me screwed for life-Two weeks of massage put me in a position of recovery. I have now rooted out all trigger points in my body and I have best range of motion of my life. However, I have moderate to severe muscle wastage (diagnosed by my GP), in both hands and forearms due to inactivity.

All I need to do is build up the strength and muscle in my hands and Im set. Its 3 months since my breakthrough and Im finding it difficult to make progress in rebuilding my arms- Im in a cycle of rehab-injury-rest and going nowhere. I was wondering if I could take a cycle of Anavar or other perhaps to help boost my recovery. I do not wish to continue with steroids after regaining my health. Can anyone advise?

Please be aware that it is struggle for me to use a computer as it aggravates the condition so I cannot do the research myself. Im actually in 4th year (and counting) of a microbiology Ph.D, so all forms of research in my life are affected by this.
Im pretty desperate really,


Maybe I didn't read this right. You want to do a cycle of steroids to rehab your hands and forearms?


Check out the injuries and rehab forum on this site. Look into other forms of therapy before going the AAS route. At any rate, even if you decide to use drugs, without proper rehab work it won't do any good.


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Thanks for the replies.

I admit that I am inexperienced regarding the subject matter of AAS. I am a scientist, although not trained in endocrinology or pharmacology. However, I am interested and learning. My ambiguous post does not do justice to what I would consider my solid understanding of physiology and the fundamentals of strength training. The origin of my original post was the desperation I am feeling due to the rut in which I find myself, for the past year. The burden it poses in all aspects of my life is significant. I realise now that perhaps I should have posted in the injuries and rehab forum.

I simply hoped in my ignorance that mankind had surely derived or synthesised some compound which could help me recover quicker and decided to consult you guys, as I have been impressed by this site over the years and disillusioned and misguided by numerous unknowledgeable medical practitioners.

I'm sorry to continue this thread here, however, do you see the value in hGH, if not AAS? The atrophy is only serious on the thumb muscles, while the rest of the hand and forearm musculature is severely weakened. Additionally, as a consequence of this state of weakness I have ligament pain in the joints of a number of my fingers.

if you could point me in any helpful direction, I would be very grateful.



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Thanks mate, I'll give it a shot. I have considered the potential of nerve involvement like you said, but muscle weakness would be the only indicator present of that, with none of the typical neural symptoms I would expect. In retrospect, I believe the progression of the condition to this stage was due to misguidance, mismanagement and perhaps naivety, with a purely musculotendon root cause.

However, Im not an expert, and haven't considered cervical disc issue. I'll try not be foolhardy, but I'll go with my instinct and retry diligently with a comprehensive rehab program with this supplement, and any optimism I can gather.

Solid advice- a non-suppressive adjunct is exactly what Im looking for, I dont want jeopardise my health in any other way. However, I will get professional advice regarding potential bilateral issues you suggested, which have not been suggested before.

I'll hopefully post back in a few months with good news.

Go raibh maith agat, a chara.



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Unfortunately not, Im in the west of Ireland. Pity, I would jump at the opportunity.
Furthermore Im a cash-strapped Ph.D student, so travel's out- this is also a factor why I haven't been able to get the best advice available.

I'll see how I go for the next while and try to see an improvement. I got myself a 10kg bag of rice today which is a low risk tool to try build up some reps and tone. Very much appreciate your offer and advice. I'll consult with you in future, as I progress, if thats ok, cheers


As a man living in the West of Ireland too, i can tell you i travel to the UK very regulary and you'd be surprised how cheap you can get there. Ryanair flights booked early from dublin or shannon are cheap. Also flybe are flying from knock airport. worth a look.

Finally, from reading these forums for years i can tell you in laymans terms - Bushy knows his shit!


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