Muscle vs. Body Fat

Ive always wondered if you are really fat, and start wait lifting, will the muscle that you gain grow so much that it fills the fat on your body? (Call me stupid all you want, but quite frankly, i dont give a shit) What i mean is that if your really fat, and you start weight lifting, and you gain muscle, will that muscle grow so much that the fat doesnt show? (if that makes any sense)

I’m gonna have to call you stupid.

You can’t “fill out” fat with anything besides more fat.

If you add inches of muscle to your chest, shoulders and legs while your abdominal fat remains constant you may “look” like you have less fat. There’s no way any amount of muscle growth will actually cover your fat though.

No. Your body fat is in a different layer of your body - either under your skin (subcutaneous) or around your organs (visceral). The thickness of this layer varies.

Your body keeps these layers in order - you wouldn’t expect a person to gain enough muscle that it bursts their skin, right?

You in high school? Can you take AP anatomy? You seem interested in the topic…

i am very interested in anatomy but…AP isnt for me…i am terrible scholasticlly

being interested in anatomy is enough to be good at it. I’m a math and physics major but I aced human anatomy. It’s extremely interesting topic.