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Muscle-Up Transition Help?

I’ll keep it short.

I can perform multiple muscle-ups on a straight bar as I have never had rings available. I’m getting stumped when attempting the MU transition on the rings (Olympic rings to clarify) every time.

Any one have advice on mastering the difference?

I can get it on rings, but not on a bar, oddly enough. Hard kip, and shoot your head through the gap between the rings (something you can’t do on a bar). If you keep your chest forward after the kip you’ll make it into the bottom of a dip, and that momentum will get you halfway up to the top. Good luck.

You need to get the false grip down. It is one of the keys to making the transition from the pullup to the dip.

you need false grip. To get a hold of the transition i suggest multiple eccentric only/lowering slowly. go super slow thru the transition and you’ll get it in a short while.


Concur with false grip… it is just a technique issue that you are facing now as high bar muscle ups are far tougher to perform than on rings. Do plenty of ring dips with a 3-count pause/hold at both the bottom and top of the movement… that should get your stabilizer muscles used to the swinging and twisting motion. Good luck. You’ll soon go back to the straight bar, I did!

You know, I might get flamed, but the CF main site has some good muscle up progression videos…

This page explains it in depth…good tutorial