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Muscle-Up Questions


1) For those of you who can do both ring and bar muscle-ups, which was easier or which came first? Is performance in one correlated with performance in the other?

2) Have ring muscle-ups ever been performed without the use of a false grip? (world-class gymnasts excluded)

  1. I can do a couple ring muscle ups but still can't get one on the bar, for me it feels like a slightly different pull

  2. yes, just takes a much stronger explosive pull so you can flip your hands over


I've never actually tried them on the rings because I don't have access to rings high enough to do it. I've messed around with rings at a lower height, and learning on a bar seemed easier because it was more stable for me to pull hard. Then again, I haven't done them full out on a rings, so I don't know if that helps very much.


There is a decent tutorial to do muscle ups on beastskills. I have been working on my pull on a bar, with the goal of getting a muscle up(or multiples, eventually) on both a bar and rings. Can't be too hard if thousands of crossfitters can do them...

Also bought this guy recently, to work on ring muscle ups and iron cross(another goal):

Tried it out today, can't even get to parallel on the farthest setting(straps out near elbows, shortens lever arm and makes it easier). So this is going to take a while, but I figure I need some goals. I can do pullups with half my bodyweight, but can't do those. Figure it will help toward a one arm chin/pullup as well.

Decent birthday, I must say. Fatgripz, my first CoC gripper(the Trainer, I suck), a chest rig for work, and now the ring trainer.


  1. Doing it on the rings is easier for me. I find that if I'm not careful on a straight bar I can tweak a wrist.

Don't forget to kip when you do them unless you are hella strong. This launches your lower body so you don't have to pull it up too. As you get better, you can leave more of you behind...

-- jj


Start with rings, learn the false grip. For bar muscle-ups, it seems to be eaiser to do them on a pull-up bar that is lower than normal. The grip should be more of a palm grip. Kip hard, but timing is important also. I keep my arms locked at just above full-extension and power through the movement into the dip phase.

Max: Ring MU's 15
Bar MU's 5


I can't do any on the rings, but I love doing them on the bar. You have to have strong kip.