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Muscle-Up in Routine


My gym was closed for two weeks, so I've started doing muscle-up just for "fun", now I am able to do 3-4 reps for some sets. I've never done muscle-up but now I like it and it seems a worthy exercise: I also feel my shoulders more flexibile as the movement requires quite flexibility. Can I incorporate this movement in a traditional gym routine(upper/lower or full body)
without negatively affect muscle-building or strenght improvement in the core lifts?? I also wonder how..


I'd use it as a dynamic first movement on a pull or upper body day - the way you'd do power cleans before squats or deadlifts. Keep in mind that it's really a pull-push combination, so don't schedule benching for the next day.

It won't really affect the rest of the workout if you always leave a few reps in the tank. Of course, you could also use it as an upper body movement for one of your sessions and combine it with a lower body movement for a full body session - I'd recommend the deadlift, back squat or pistol squat.


Do muscle ups occasionally, but focus more on the component pieces, the pull up and dip.


Why not just knock off a couple every time you pass a pull-up bar? Don't see a reason to program 'em. Personally don't do 'em often but if I'm around a bar that doesn't have a door frame or the rest of a cable station obstructing my way I'll do a couple sets of 5 just 'cause they're cool.


If you're training an upper/lower split, they'd be a fine addition.


the idea of use it as dynamic movement seems good!

thanks all guys


The idea of using it as dynamic movement seems good to me!

Thanks all!!


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