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Muscle Twitching Throughout Body

Has anyone else here experienced this? I have muscle twitching throughout the body. It was worse when I was taking stevia liquid droplets, but my muscles are always spasming. However, it’s just very light twitching. I haven’t experienced any other symptoms like weakness, etc. I’ve heard it can be caffeine related or anxiety. I do think when I drink more caffeine it’s worse. My mind use to think it might be some disease like ALS, but I think I’m exaggerating things in my mind thinking that.

Electrolyte imbalance.

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Not definitely true. There is no definite cause for muscle twitching or cramping but it could involve nervous system discharge (both dangerous and benign) OR hydration/electrolyte balance

Is the the twitching constant or worse post training? What have you tried to manage it?

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I just noticed now I drank a lot of water and the twitching seemed to settle down. So it could be hydration?

The twitching is constant. The main thing I did to manage it was cut back on black tea (I was consuming three large mugs a day along with stevia sweetener). Also, cutting back on stevia which I think excites my nervous system. However, as I mentioned above I just drank a lot of water right now and I feel like it’s gotten better. So am I dehydrated? I do feel my urine is a bit too yellow at times. I know it should be more clear.

Dehydration can lead to elecrolyte imbalance, and drinking caffeine and not drinking water can do that.


Smash some Gatorade around your workout for a week or two see if anything changes


Okay, thanks I’ll experiment with replenishing my electrolytes.

I didn’t drink black tea today and stayed well hydrated and the twitching basically went away. I had some rare twitching but not nearly as bad as yesterday. I also got some Gatorade Zero. So yeah, I think that was the issue. Thanks for the advice guys!

Nice. Except for Gatorade zero. Sugar is life.

Keep an eye on things anyways. U never know.

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How long have you experienced the twitching/fasciculations?

I’ve experienced this for approximately 2 years. Its tough not to let the mind slide to a bad place, but it is most likely a form of Benign Fasciculation. Its typically helpful to meet with a Neurologist to examine issues like this.

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It’s hard to say, but it’s only recent years that I’ve gotten into drinking lots of black tea…the twitching is at its worst when I’m having three large mugs a day, plus kombucha and an americano too. I was drinking black tea to ween myself off of coffee, which was giving me a lot of anxiety. But I wasn’t drinking much water. I haven’t had any black tea in three days now and the twitching has died down a lot. However, I have been drinking americano and energy drinks, but not on the same day and just one for the day. I still get the twitching, but not nearly as much. Yeah, my guess it’s benign, but obviously your brain starts thinking ALS, etc. But yeah, it’s twitching throughout the body. I will likely go see a doctor at some point.

Yeah if its persisted for this long without function changes…its most likely not sinister.

Mine also occurs throughout the body with frequent hot spots. I can pretty much see it occur in my calf muscles 24/7.

Just chiming in here… I have had this since 2000. It freaked the hell out of me at first once i started looking symptoms up. It is called benign muscle fasciculations … It is harmless… annoying but harmless.

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