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Muscle Twitch


Just curious why do muscles involuntarily twitch ? lately my brachiallus has been flippin' out ! i have been doing a lot of static holds and body weight levering so i figure the general answer is fatigue or overuse but anyone know the real answer of why they actually twitch when tired ?


I would like to know why this happens too. A few weeks ago, a small part of my quad near the knee was twitching. really weird ro see the muscle moving involuntary, but I guess it's nothing to worry about.


i'm not sure in 100% but i think the problem of the twitching muscle result from lack of mineral, i think it's Zinc


no its Magnesium your thinking of.. . normal people probably dont even get enough of this stuff and people like us need more.. . especially when you take in heaps of dairy products and stuff with tons of calcium.. . calcium increases your need for magnesium. ..


That happened to one of my Uncles just before he died....

No, serously take in a little extra magnesium and like magic the twitching stops.


Reducing calcium intake might also help, if you're taking in a very large amont of calcium. That's if it's happening frequently and isn't apparently tied to a specific stimulus. Sometimes this just happens after you expose your muscle to a new and strange stimulus.


If its magnesium them I must have a lot of it in my water. I was told it was due to dehydration. I drank more water and the nuisance decisted.


Dehydration will also do it.


protein helps too. I believe it tyrosine that is responsible for controlling twitchs. It's an essential AA so if you aren't taking in enough it could help it stop to.


so low zn, low mg, low hoh ...does that do something electrical that causes the muscle to fire ?? also it's pretty site specific -meaning if it were just some sort of low mineral thing wouldn't all my muscles be twitching ?


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I’m having the same manifestation in my left arme and it’s quite coinsidantial, since it is comming forme my braquialus also. And I have also been going lots of static holds and controling the weight on the excentric portion of the lift. Could be fatigue or over stressing the muscle.

I’ves been taking 300mg of citrate Magnesium every night for the last couple of year’s . So, I can rule out the Magnesium from being the cause.
Is been twitching for the last 24 houres and does not seme to be slowing down.