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Muscle Tone: Drop Weight or Add It?

First post here, so I’ll try to give as much background as possible.

I’m 24, 6’0", and weight 174 lbs. I had my BF% measured last week and am around 13%, which I personally think isn’t too bad for not working out consistently up to this point.

With that said, I have started getting to the gym and trying to educate myself as best possible in the past two weeks. Today starts the 3rd week that I have consistently gone to the gym, every other day.

I kinda think my body-style is weird in that my legs are pretty well-toned (could use some more work, though) my mid-section isn’t, and there isn’t any mass on my arms to begin with.

My long-term objective is to add arm mass and radically tone my midsection…I just don’t know how to even start in that direction. What my eating habits should be, what kind of work-out schedule I should have, etc.

I don’t even know if I need to lose weight or gain it with what I want to achieve. I know you guys can’t have the time to draw up a detailed battle plan for me, but if you could refer me to some literature or a couple of tips of what I should be concentrating on, I’d be appreciative.

Does anybody read the archives before posting anymore?

Click the beginner sticky. It’s there for a reason.

Your legs are not “toned”. There probably puny. In fact, at 6ft 170 your puny overall. Find a good program, eat, and train. Do not ignore legs, or concentrate purely on arms and upper body.

Just because you lack fat on your legs doesn’t mean there toned -_-;.


What do you mean by “tone”. Like a dial tone? Or tone of voice? Or a Baratone?

Im so confussed.

Read begginer thread.

Learn all of the major lifts. Do them regularly.

Changes will start happening.

While you are doing the above, start READING the information on this site, and then you’ll start to gain the knowledge you need to work towards your goals.