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Muscle Tightness. What To Do?

do you guys ever wake up in the morning and for what seems like no good reason you muscles feel really tight and tense? I woke up this morning and the muscles in my upper back feel very tense and tight and it is sometimes painful. I am sure a bunch of you guys have had this problem, what do you do to alleviate the tightness?

yeah i do experience this after working out the respective muscle group, however i just spend a few minutes stretching,

tightness/soreness caused by working the muscle is obviously very common but soreness/tightness without working out can be caused by a few different things, a major cause can be stress, especially inbetween the scapulae or the trap muscle, another is injury to a surrounding muscle such as the shoulder can lead to a sore back or shoulder girdle ,

some people may suggest a muscle relaxant drug because that is the way a good portion of society thinks now, but give stretching a try before looking for any drug

will probably get some detailed help from some of the experts here, just trying to help out a bit


What do you do? Stretch em. Go for a walk, drink a ton of water and stretch those suckers out.

I have a pretty good regiment of stretching 3x per week and using my foam roller 3x per week. I also include mobility drills every once in a while. If the muscle is sore due to working out stretching and foam rolling usually take care of the problem. I am talking about tightness in my muscles that does not come from working out. Any suggestions on what to do with this? I remember reading something by Eric Cressey once that he said stretching can sometimes make the tightness even worse…perhaps he can clarify/shed some light on the issue.