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Muscle Thickness Help!!!


From a side profile my arms look huge but looking straight at myself in the mirror my arms seem average. What gives? How can i make them thicker?


Long ass arms and I've struggled with that too, just keep making your arms bigger.


Chinups and different variations of hammer curls helped my arms look
alot thicker from the front.


Genetics are largely going to dictate how thick your arms appear from the front.

Having big fucking triceps is going to help more than anything else too. And magically stretching them so they have awesome insertion points.

In fact, just be Holy Mac, you'll be good to go.


While you're making them bigger, make sure you're focusing on complete development. For bi's you should have a brachialis curl, a curl where your hands are outside your elbows, and a curl where your hands are inside your elbows. For tris, you want a heavy press (i prefer dips or close grip declines with elbows flared), a lying extension, and an overhead extension where you get a good stretch in the long head.


OP, don't listen to this guy^^

He obviously doesn't know to build impressive arms.



Yeah...his avatars just an optical illusion (wide angle lens)




I don't have anywhere near the biggest arms but people always tell me I have very nice arms. I love them and I attribute it to incorporating reverse grip barbell's into my routine over the years. I've never done wrist curls in my life and have excellent forearms them alone.

Give them a try.


Lol at the comments against KB.

There's really not much you can do to widen the arm besides getting it bigger. You could focus on hitting the lateral head of your tricep and the brachialis, but you're not too likely to make a noticable difference without adding size all over.


Make your arms less like a 0 and more like a O. Have you tried bodybuilding?

Serial, I think you should practice you curls and presses as often as you can while still training the rest of your body consistently.


From your avatar, it looks like you are a beginner... Don't sweat it, once your arms are significantly larger, they will no longer look narrow from the front.

Trained arms always look wider from the side than from the front though... Would be rather strange if it were the other way around.


Also, shoulders go a long way to adding thickness illusions


Haha I was just kidding and gregon was being sarcastic (you know, don't listen to the guy with huge arms) :slightly_smiling:


I know, dum dum




Matty - Most who look in the mirror and don't see much thickness (especially from certain angles) simply need to wait for progress. Decent mass gains usually fixes this like C_C and A_B said (provided you aren't neglecting body parts like KB said).

Often the type of person who'll complain about this are the type who'll maintain the same weight month after month. So if this is you, make sure you are moving forward in some direction. For example, don't try to be getting a ripped 6 pack while building muscle. If you want to get big, eat for it. If you want to lean up, eat for it and don't expect muscle gains.

No need for anything special when the whole body simply needs work. Your routine should be mostly basic movements with some isolation in there too (not the other way around). Don't be the person who doesn't even do the basics with good form/progression and ends up doing every exercise under the sun to try and compensate. A typical example of this is where lifters (even advanced ones) will do "everything" for their hamstrings (leg curls etc), yet don't even do something simple like stiff legged deadlifts which hits the main bulk of the hamstrings (especially the part nearest the knees).