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Muscle Teen: The Other 1/2

Now I know you lame-ass troll-a-holics are gonna jump the gun and shout “photo-shop photo-shop” “this is a hoax, the tan lines don’t match” or something. This is picture proof. Accept it!

so you’re that weird sumbitch I’ve seen around

[quote]CU AeroStallion wrote:
so you’re that weird sumbitch I’ve seen around[/quote]

Why yes I am…oh…you mean Muscle Teen…why yes he is! It’s mus-L-teen!

dude your arms are short

[quote]Vegita wrote:
dude your arms are short[/quote]

In fact, one appears to be lacking a forearm.

Hey looks it’s Muscleteen before Photoshop!

I also caught muscleteen in a, well, comprimising position. Its on the “Wear a belt” thread in Strength Sports. There goes his shot at the presidency.

Ooops my thread was supposed to post: The Real Muscleteen before photoshop:

Say, isn’t that the guy we use to make fun of on the old Renegade forum?