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Muscle Tears


A three weeks ago i torn my biceps, so i quitted training and started therapy.

A week later found that the serratus was torn too.

Last friday it appeared an haematoma in the front deltoid where it mets the biceps, but today it started to hurt like a torn.

WTF is happening, seems that after the first torn all my muscles near this zone are starting to break gradually, even without training!

I?m just doing gentle stretches. I?ve never stretched seriously and someone told me that the new injuries were because of that an that i needed ART? Is he right? Has it happened to anyone here?

Thanks in advance

Just my opinion, but shouldn’t you be asking your doctor or chiropractor? I know this forum is asking others opinions but things like this just can’t be trusted. Hell I could’ve given you a B.S. answer and claimed to know what I’m talking about.

Yes, you are right. I suppose i let myself go because of the frustration…