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Muscle Tears


I just got done matt krocks new article. I havent been training long less than a year and i was wondering are there specific things people can do to minimize the chance of muscle tears? Or is it more like if you are lucky you will never get one but who knows.


nothing is ever 100% guaranteed. But, to make it so the chances of getting a tear are rare, always warm up properly. do a good 3 or 4 warmup sets, noting hard or heavy, just get the blood going. and stretch in between each warmup set. unless your into powerlifting, Id stick with weights you can do 8-12 reps with.


^ Considering he posted this in a powerlifting thread I assume he's into powerlifting. Muscle tears can happen no matter how many reps you use.

Ways to warm up to HELP prevent against muscle tears
Foam Rolling
Dynamic Warm Up/mobility work ( i personally don't like static stretching before training, but some people like to)
Enough warm up sets to prepare you for the work sets, but not enough to fatigue you for the work sets
Lifting weight you're capable of lifting
Weak-point training. A little isolation training can be a good thing.
Wearing sweats/ sweatshirts/ neoprene sleeves. I prefer to bench and squat in shorts and a t shirt for various reasons, but for deadlifting and OH press I always wear a hoodie and sometimes sweat pants.
Not training in a cold environment
Static stretching (post workout)


ive pulled just about everything pretty severely, but never a complete tear....ive pulled all of the following several times: both pecs, both triceps, both hamstrings, my right quad from the hip to the insertion at the knee, both glutes, and my upper right back muscle whatever it's called.

honestly, it's a hard thing to predict, and once you start getting up in the heavy weights you're bound to pull something sooner or later. injury is just part of training though and has to be dealt with. make sure you're hydrating well, consuming an adequate amount of magnesium as well as potassium, and follow a good warm-up protocol like what this dude above me said!

Literally EVERYTHING he said is correct and should be taken into account. Make sure you're warm as hell no matter what.


True, but the closer you come to your max weight, the greater the probability you will get a tear. I'm sure powerlifters will argue, to make their case for doing 1-3 reps. personally, that rep range is worthless. I have torn my pec and a 90% tricep tear off the bone, all of which came with reps under 6. So, try again. The number of reps most definately plays a role in getting a muscle tear.



Personally, you should GTFO with this crap.


1-3 rep range is for the ego, not for actually building anything. Most powerlifters i know, are doing speed, explosive work and rarely if ever do max reps or even doubles or triples. you just asking for injuries if you do it to often. every now and then its ok, to see where your at, strength wise.


lol. Haven't read the westside thread have you? But let me ask, all these awesome powerlifters you know, what rep ranges to they do their speed work in?



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Well, at least she won't tear anything, since she's doing high reps


Train your reps with good form. When you hit the platform for a max effort, form may slide some. But when training for reps, try to really dial in your form.


I'm familiar with westside, at least somewhat. The guys I know, do like 8 sets of 2 or 3 reps. but the weight isn't heavy at all. they just work to explode the weight up as fast as possible. Personally, I just feel that doing real low reps like singles and doubles is just asking for injuries. Ive had enough of injuries. So, maybe if your main goal is pure powerlifting, then, maybe its worth while. But they also rotate exercises on their max rep exercises.


So, what do they do in their max effort day?






Quite possibly the dumbest thing ever posted on TN.

PS: I use the term "sir" lightly


Doing singles and doubles at weights you can't handle with proper form is asking for injuries. Not the fact that they're singles and doubles. You have an equal if not greater chance of tearing something with higher reps if you really push yourself.

Yes powerlifters using the westside method have a speed day, but they also have a max effort day every week. There's no way powerlifter's, or anybody who's strong lift heavy weight by just doing speed work.