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Muscle Tears/Pulls While on Cycle

Hey guys,

I’m preparing for my first cycle (Test E 600mg/week) and believe I have everything in order. My training will consist of a strength-first mass program/diet, but I am a college football player so speed is rather important to me. That being said, a large part of my program outside of the weightroom will be sprint/sled/hill work.

My concern/question comes from a teammate of mine that ran a similar cycle this time last year and made great gains. At the end of the cycle, he was working on the track and tore his hamstring straight off the bone. The doctor told him it was because he had “done so well in the weight program” that his muscles had gotten stronger than his ligaments and tendons. Obviously, this isn’t the first I have heard of this as this is one of the points the anti-steroids groups claim.

Is this a legitimate concern that should be worked around? Or a case of bad luck for my teammate and a rare happening? As I am looking at playing time and want to solidify my spot, a muscle pull or tear would be terrible.

Any input appreciated. Thanks.

I think the risk is minimal. If you run strictly Test E at 600mg a week in an athletic program you will be fine.

I now bulk at the beginning of the off season, and attempt to come down in time for training camp.

I find I constantly roll my ankles and lose a tremendous amount of foot speed if I come in at more than 10 or 15 lbs than I previously played at.

Incorporate sprints into your program alot with lateral movement drills and you should be fine. If you find yourself gaining too much weight cut carbs and tape your ankles heavily (I have no idea what position you play).

I struggle alot with this, I love training for bodybuilding and hypertrophy, but I play elite level rugby and hockey. At some point you have to sacrifice gains (in a bodybuilding sense) to excel at your sport, and I hope you find the right balance.


I appreciate the help. I play defensive end and outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense, so lateral quickness is a huge part of my game. I have plenty of time to lean up post-cycle and/or get used to the added weight I hope. Hopefully, I can keep from joint injuries,etc like you mentioned.

Thanks for the info!

i took enanthate test 25 years ago already. is it different today .

Your teammate likely had bad luck, IMO. But there is definitely a risk of muscles becoming stronger than the tendons/ligamnets and what not more quickly while on AAS. However, this seems to be mostly applicable for pure bodybuilders that don’t play other sports. Most sports guys (especially powerlifters) have built up these connectors over years of practicing their sport and seem to be less susceptible to the tears.

Obviously keep in mind your mobility and joint work and I’d say you are probably good to go.

I appreciate all of the feedback. This worry had not stopped me from running the cycle, but may have made me over cautious when it comes to running- obviously not a good thing while training…for anything really.