muscle tear recovery

A few months ago I helped a friend move, he had heavy stuff to go up 3 stories. A couple days after the moving I noticed a sharp pain in my groin. It faded, but deadlifts and squats would bring it back. Took a few weeks off, it was still there so I went to see an MD. He thought it was a partial tear in the muscles, almost a hernia, but I had dodged the bullet. I took 6 weeks off and at this point there is no pain at all from it but I am a little nervous. But I MUST DEADLIFT and I MUST SQUAT, they hurt so good. So I am doing deads & squats very light, no problems. What I am looking for is something specific to strengthen the damaged muscles. Does anyone have any experience recovering from this sort of thing, a hernia or a partial tear? What should I be doing and what should I avoid? Any ideas?

Try those sex machines (adductors and abductors).

I tore my hip flexor squatting in the spring so I would love to here some info about this! I’ve been taking it easy but it still gets sore… hope I’m not running it into the ground. The worst part is some how it tore when I was helping my friend with his technigue and only had 115lbs on a back squat

geez, i’m gonna sound like an advertisement but visit a Graston technique clinician, or someone that does soft tissue work, the guys on T-mag always tout active release. for a Graston provider near you, try