Muscle Synthesis?

Hi There,

Have any of you guys used an amino acid formulation called Muscle Synthesis made by a company called Infinity Fitness?

I believe its a Free Form Amino Acid product to be used pre and post workout, but can be used during the day as a replacement to protein powders.

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts if you’ve used it or otherwise?

The problem with amino acid mixtures is that they can’t contain the Essential amino acid; tryptophan.

This does not acutely affect protein synthesis, but does so with repeated use (eventually tryptophan becomes limiting).

Here’s and article with more info on amino acids vs. proteins:


There are plenty of studies to show that (FF)amino acids are beneficial in helping the body to recover and to maintaining or boosting muscle.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your input. I was considering using them in a bid to lose body fat in conjunction with a clean diet.

My thinking was that for 2 months they could replace the job of protien shakes by taking them throughout the day and pre/post workout to stave off catabolism and maintain muscle mass.

What do guys think?