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Muscle Strength Comparisons


Hey, I was wondering if anyone here knew how one could tell if any muscle group is lacking strength wise, compared to the rest of your body.

Like, if I can squat X amount of weight, I should be able to military press this much, or if I can bench this much I should be able to row this much, and so on......

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I've heard of the 3/4/5 bench/squat/deadlift numbers. If you bench 300, you squat 400, you deadlift 500.

You can search the Alessi articles. A while back he had something about percentages for antagonistic muscle groups, so if you were outside the range, you were probably imbalanced.

Check out Dan John's posts recently - he posted links to some tests for various lifts with weights recommended. You can gauge ratios from there by back-calculating. They're called the Hoffman standards.

You can also gauge things from here, it's a list of exercises by multiples of bodyweight:

Hope that helps.


Do you mean this thread? http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=580251


Charles Poliquin once wrote an article about this called "Achieving Structural Balance" way back. The article only covered upper body exercises, unfortunately, and it's based on a close grip bench press. Here is what the numbers look like.

Optimal Strength Ratios

Close Grip Bench Press
Absolute score: 160 kg (352 pounds)
Relative score: 100%

Incline Barbell Press
Absolute score: 133 kg (293 pounds)
Relative score: 83%

Supinated Chin-Ups
Absolute score: 130 kg (286 pounds)
Relative score: 81%

Behind-the-Neck Presses
Absolute score: 102 kg (224 pounds)
Relative score: 64%

Scott Barbell Curls
Absolute score: 74 kg (163 pounds)
Relative score: 46%

Standing Reverse Curls
Absolute score: 48 kg (107 pounds)
Relative score: 30%

External Rotation SA*
Absolute score: 15 kg (33 pounds)
Relative score: 9%

*Done for eight reps

The weight is obviously just for references. Just pay attention to the percentages. Hope this was the type of thing you were looking for. Best of luck!