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Muscle Strain!

Hey guys,

Last Friday I suddenly had an onset of major pain in my left shoulder and the side of my neck. I didn’t want to miss a workout and waste my cycle, so I went to the gym that night and carefully did a neck and shoulder workout despite the pain.

I think what happened, was that I’d done a leg workout, including squats, the previous day. When I was doing squats and had the bar across my shoulders, I adjusted the bar by slightly jerking it across my shoulder, and that may have caused the strain injury. Now the goddamn thing has been throbbing for days and my doctor has recomended that I take at least a week off the weights.

This is my 3rd week into my AAS cycle, and I don’t want to waste a whole week! Lifting will probably make it worse and put me out of action for longer.

But I don’t want to waste my cycle. I don’t want to do nothing all week and lose progress. So what should I do? Lay off the cycle and the weights for this week? Or should I stay on the cycle but reduce the dosage, take it easy and try to get in a couple of light, careful workouts to at least get a pump in the major muscle groups?

Oh well, I guess nobody cares. Now I’m going to go sit in a corner and cry somewhere. boo hoo

contrast showers, massage, light stretching/ROM exercises. work around it as best you can. you do NOT want to overwork it at this point, my neck “went” two and a half years ago and have just been able to make some progress on rehab in the past six months. be careful stay strong