Muscle Spasms

Has anyone else had this experience? Whenever I take testosterone of any kind, I start getting muscle spasms in my back. Taking some magnesium helps a little, but doesn’t eliminate. The problem also happens when I take something like Tribex which cause my body to produce testosterone. Any suggestions?

you gotta up the dose of zma probabyl 4 caps or more, and do a serious stretching routine, see Davies info on that one.

I get the same thing in my quadriceps and shoulder. Magnesium usually helps most people. You might try drinking more water and increasing potassium intake as well.

on days your are not working out it is particularly annoying. i had them in my left tricep for 2 days in a row one time, when i was trying to sleep, etc. take a bong hit or 2. If anyone caught the anabolic extreme article on THC its good and mentions THC’s ability to stop muscle twitches etc.

Winstrol makes me have spasms in my biceps etc. I tink it is to do with CNS stimulation - I feel like I’m on speed on winny. Add in some Deca tocounter the test stimulation and it’ll go away