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Muscle Spasms


So, i'm curious about muscle spasms. Ive had them for years, and they would randomly just appear and last for a few minutes or so, with the muscle twitching every so often. Most often they appear on my biceps, pecs, or quads. I ask this question now because i am currently dealing with my left bicep spasming, and it has been going on for damn near 2 hrs now. it doesnt hurt, but its rather annoying. I was just wondering about causes or possible solutions.


iunno mang

but it happens to my right elbow too.


Just woke up from 7hrs of sleep, and guess what the first sensation i feel is? Thats right, my left bicep being a d-bag some more. Lol anyone?


I believe it is a symptom of delayed onset muscle soreness and should relieve itself by today if not tomorrow.


I was thinking something like that but the fact that i haven't trained arms for 5 days makes me not really accept it.


What kind of job (if you have one) do you do? Are you left handed?


I noticed I tended to get them more when I was away from home. I guess my food/water/supp intake is typically worse when I'm out of town. Of course this is completely broscience I've never looked into it.


Im a waiter at a restaurant, but im right handed, lift all my trays with my right hand, etc. come to think of it, i think anytime i get a spasm is on the left side of my body, kinda weird.


Do you clench/hug a pillow when you sleep? Serious question.


im woken up in some awkward positions, but i generally sleep on my stomach with a pillow sandwiched between my head and my folded arms.


Have you deadlifted in the past day(s) with a mixed grip with your left hand grabbing under the bar and the right hand over the bar?


I've had spasms in my calves and back, but got spasms in my abs for the first time a few days ago. It was my left middle ab, and happened 2 days in a row halfway through my workout...funky.


Try Valerian


when i DL i dont do it with a mixed grip, i just do it with a overhand grip with straps. But yes, i did DL on Monday


Well frick I don't know! LOL

Just one of those mysterious things that occurs. I get it on the where my IT band is located all the time, that can be caused by anything.


haha thanks anyway, next time it acts up, ill just punch it, remind it WHo the boss is!


Ahahah males way to fixing everything. Arm acting up smack, computer acting up smack, cell phone not working smack, Gf acting up smack smack smack smack and another smack for good measures.

Jk about the gf she would kick my ass in real life....


You're probably somewhat hypokalemic. Take some potassium gluconate. Or eat some light salt (potassium + sodium). Or eat a banana if the carbs don't bother you.


happens to me all the time, mostly after real intense sessions.


Ha Swank, my muscle spasms are merely a testimony to my beastly routines then.