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Muscle Spasms

This just recently happened to me. I’m currently on my first steroid cycle and have been injecting test Cyp 2 times a week. The first several injections went great but my last glute injection my muscle starting spasming very badly when I stuck in the pin.

I have injected in this area several times before and never had this problem. What do you think the problem could be? Did I do something wrong?

I can’t offer an explaination for why this happens, but this typically happens to me when my muscles are tight. Its not an ideal thing to happen, I imagine, as having the muscle move around while the needle is through it, can only be tearing up the muscle.

I have never experienced this in the glutes, but have in the quads and delts. A little massage work before hand seems to take care of the problem for me.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Please describe ‘very badly’.


Well maybe it just felt very badly. The minute I started pushing the plunger the muscle starting spasming, pretty badly, I panicked and pulled out the needle.

So I gathered myself re-swabed the area with alchol, changed pins and injected again. The same think happened, this time it started the minute I put the pin in. I have no explanation.

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I agree in that i also think there is a large psychological part to this ‘problem’

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