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muscle spasms/twitches

Hi. I’ve been having weird muscle twitches in my left inner elbow/proximal forearm area for the last 2-3 days. A muscle there (one of the forearm flexors near the tendon?) has been twitching almost constantly. Not painful at all, but I haven’t directly worked it out in this time period either, so it’s weird (hard to sleep when it’s pulsing, too). Any ideas what might be causing it?

No idea what it is, but I’ve had that too. I’ve noticed that for me it only happens after a few days of burning the candle at both ends, especially lack of sleep, or poor sleep due to excessive work commitments etc. I now take it as a sign to back off whatever is the prominent focus of my energy at that time.

I get the same think in my chest and back sometimes.

sometimes it’s a lack of magnesium. Take the magnesium separate from calcium, preferebly in a ZMA type supplement, and before bed on an empty stomach.

Thanks. I was a bit ‘run down’, so that may contribute. It’s starting to subside, but if it persists I’ll try magnesium (right now the only magnesium I get other than in my diet is in a pill with calcium, so it may not be getting absorbed well).