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Muscle Spasms During Sleep.

I never knew I had this until I was with my girl last nite, durin the night i kept twitching violently which obviously annoyed the fuck out of her.

I wasn’t having any bad dreams so that can’t be the reason, maybe it was because i hadn’t trained that week?

Does anyone else have this problem or know anything about it?

The closest I get to this is a bit of restless leg syndrome (RLS) every now and then when I sleep - it does get worse when I deadlift for some reason.

Are you taking vitamins & drinking enough liquids? I wouldn’t know what else to sugggest…

I have the same thing going… It was pretty strong for about a year, it has died down bit by bit, but it still happens.

It pissed off my ex like hell!


I have had this problem for a couple of years and my doctor gave me anti-seizure meds. This pretty much stopped the problem, but it still flares up once or twice a month, but not as bad. After a bunch of tests my doctor told me it is probably some kind of nerve problem. The tests found no abnormalities that would point to a possible reason for the symptoms.