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Muscle Spasm While Pinning?


So I was hitting my right delt with a 23g 1" needle and as soon as it penatrated the skin the muscle spazed out and was twitching; hurt like a bitch and pulled it out right when it happened. I hav'nt hit delts since. I just started using delts in addition to my regualr quad/glute rotation. Is this normal? Should I have been using a smaller needle? Or was this just a one time freak thing?


It has happened to me plenty of times, I usually don't pull the needle out though, I just wait till it calms down.

If you want to pick a new spot, just pull it out and stick it in somewhere else.


Alright thanks for the advice - I guess I'll just sack up!


How are you injecting your delt?

With your arm hanging normally?

I've heard resting your arm on something so it is parallel to the ground makes it a bit easier to inject.


I give immunizations for a living. I see this very often when the person is not relaxed, or has their arm in a semi lifted position. Next time make sure to keep your arm hanging down and completely relaxed. I hope this helps, and keep trying your technique can only get better.


It was just hanging by my side. I'll try resting it on my desk next time; I guess it will take some tension off the muscle?


I mean I'm not standing when I hit quads!


I rest my arm at 90 degrees on my computer chair.



Where, exactly, are you pinning on the deltoid muscle itself?


When I pin delts, I kneel in front of my bathroom counter and lay my arm down prone on the counter across my body, then I rest my injecting arm on that. It's similar to crossing your arms and resting them on something in front of you.

It relaxes your delt, and is quite comfortable.


Similar to what I do. I press my injecting (needle holding) arm against a wall for leverage and then inject into the lateral or posterior head of the opposing delt, using the wall to "push" the other arm over. The arm I am injecting is just held "dead" at my side. Almost never any problems with this method.

Nota bene: The further I move forward (ie toward the anterior deltoid), the more problems I tend to have.


Pretty much square in the middle of the lateral head.


You might have hit a nerve. That isn't common with the delt though. Otherwise you might have just been nervous and when you encountered the pain you spazzed out. Either way, the delt is a easy to shoot muscle and convenient and whatever happened probably won't happen again, so keep at it.


My friend had the worst experience ever the other day, pinned his delt and when he started pushing the plunger his pec cramped up like crazy. Longest 10 seconds ever.


Some people just spasm in certain areas my quads do that. I agree with Cortes that the more posterior you go in the delt the better.